Performed & choreographed by: Karen da Silva

Launderette is a short, witty, dance eruption, in which Jenny Ballantyne momentarily forgets and rejects the behavioural expectations of a married woman and mother in the 1960s. After one final straw in an era of discrimination and prejudice, Jenny twists, hitchhikes and mash potatoes herself into a frenzy of wah-wahs, bass and Hendrix fire.



Performance direction: Emma Bernard
Music arrangement: Annelie Nerderberg
Makeup: Melissa Blanco Borelli
Camera: Tino Tedaldi, Mario Cavalli
Editor: Charlie di Placido

Directed & produced by: Mario Cavalli

Performed as part of the Guildford International Music Festival, March 2013

With support from the University of Surrey

Thanks to: Jean Johnson-Jones, Melissa Blanco-Borelli, Pauline Johnson and students from the Dance Department

Thanks to Tomboy Films

Very special thanks to the owners of Laundromat, Natasha & Nick Lintott

A Colony Production, 2013

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