In a career spanning over twenty years, Mario has directed dozens of prize-winning commercials for major international clients such as MARTINI, POST OFFICE and COMPAQ; music videos for the likes of LEMON JELLY and ERASURE; innovative short films like the BAFTA nominated SOHO SQUARE and multi-prize winning CARMEN and BOLERO; as well as devising interactive pieces, COMPAQ Bird Game, IdN CAFFEINE SOCIETY, both winners of D&AD pencils.

Founder of Pizazz Pictures in 1984 and Colony Media in 2001, he also recently completed the music video LIBRE for the late Henrik Takkenberg, experimental animation LONG BUILD LOOP and an advertising campaign for BULLRING BIRMINGHAM. He also develops long form live action, animation and mixed media projects with co-producers in London, Dublin, Seoul and Los Angeles and is currently working on an impressionistic, multi-disciplinary, treated live action, feature length documentary, incorporating poetry and dance.

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