Experimental dance / music video. 6 min. 2008
Song composed by Henrik Takkenberg (1967 – 2006)
Performed by Charo Pérez

Made in tribute to friend and collaborator, the late Henrik Takkenberg (1967 – 2006), composer of this song, music for SHAKEN and much else besides.

Choreography: Jane Turner
Dancers: Gemma Whelan & Andreas Knoop, Victoria Chiu & Rowland Cox, Tor Spencer & Ted Sikström, Alexis Bradburn & Tyrone Landau.
Editing: Simon Bryant
VFX: Rob Rae [Motion Cult]
Devised, Directed & Produced by Mario Cavalli


I threw this short montage together for a pitch without really looking, grabbed whatever was playing on iTunes, rendered it and posted it on Vimeo. Turned out rather well, considering. So well, in fact, that the play count, comments and external links it generated on Vimeo far exceeded the original full length version. Interesting. Symptomatic of ADD among the Vimeo crowd? Maybe. I’d rather put it down to the lovely, luscious and seductive track, The Daydream, that I serendipitously, erm, borrowed from Tycho. C’est la vie.


A Colony Media Limited film for Magik Sound Productions

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