CARE Packages

CARE Packages : Sundae Club version


CARE Packages : Smetana version


2006. Short film commissioned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the charitable organisation, Care.

The film traces the history of the organisation, from the Berlin Airlift to it’s present day activities in the 3rd World, as seen through the journey of a child’s Teddy Bear.

The two versions above differ only in their music tracks. The Sundae Club track is light, contemporary and optimistic and was the originally intended music. However, the Smetana was substituted at the last, for a greater sense of period, grandeur and pathos. Both work in their own, quite different ways. Compare and contrast.

Devised & Directed by Mario Cavalli
Design & Backgrounds: Ashley Potter
Lighting Cameraman: Simon Carter
3D Animation & AE: Barry Murphy
3D & 2D Animation: Martin Lye & Ian Gouldstone
Agency: BBDO Campaign, Berlin
Creative Team: Patrick They, Johannes Kremple

Produced by Colony @ Th1ng

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