London 2012 : 04 : Rainbow to the Games


00:00 – 01:14 INTRO Story so far… (short montage of clips from episodes 1, 2 and 3)
01:15 – 16:43 RAINBOW TO THE GAMES

01:11 Rainbow to the Games

16 min 43 sec CGI animation

Fourth and final episode in the action-packed animated adventures of London 2012 mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville.

Wenlock and Mandeville become trapped inside a container heading for the docks, unable to communicate and bring good fortune to athletes around the world. The twins, helped by their new friend Jahlil, follow the lorry in the depth of the night – only to see the container loaded on to a ship setting sail for Brazil. Will they escape and make it to the London 2012 Games in time…?

Original Story : Michael Morpurgo
Script Editor : Jill Meager
Narrator : Stephen Fry

Production Design : Ashley Potter
Maquetttes : Teddy Hall
Storyboard Artists : Peter Western & Brendan Houghton

Production Design Assistants : Woody Stables, Alex Boys, Jordan Rogers

Sound Design : Adrian Rhodes

Editors : Adam Biskupski & Richard Graham
Assistant Editor : Charlie di Placido

Narration Script : Gillian Corduroy

Music Composed & Arranged by Thomas Hewitt Jones
Performed by The British Film Orchestra & Voces8
Conducted by Barnaby Smith
Recorded by Gary Thomas at Angel Studios
Mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios
Score Produced by Thomas Hewitt Jones & Barnaby Smith

CG Supervisor : Liu Jian
Animation Production Manager : Shi Yan
Animation Workflow Manager : Chen Manman
Animation Director : Liu Haitao
Animation Production Company : Crystal CG International

Produced by Barnaby Spurrier
Directed by Mario Cavalli