Friends, associates and respect:

Tomboy Films : Our reps for commercials, music videos and all good things.

Battle Of The Eyes : a.k.a. Chris Long and Edwin Pouncey, artists, illustrators, cartoonists and painters of mythical dimension and abstract environ, sometimes seen in live performance with the likes of Cate Ferris, Trevor Jackson and Nick Franglen (see below), accompanied by videos and animations by yours truly.

Dave McKean : Colony director, artist, illustrator, photographer, musician, renaissance man…

CosmicChicken : Personal web site and insight into the brain of Colony director Ranko Andjelic

Rosto A.D. : Another Colony director, artist, illustrator, musician… another renaissance man, Dutch variety.

Motion Cult : Design and vfx supremo and frequent Colony collaborator, Rob Rae.

Julian Parry : Illustrator, designer and Colony co-conspirator.

Do Tank Studios : ‘Experience Designers’ and erstwhile boffins behind this fine site.

Adam Hoyle : Developer, designer, musician, co-founder of Do Tank Studios (see above), ‘System Architect’ for live interactive audio-visual outfit The Sancho Plan, collaborator on assorted Colony interactives… Need I go on? Yet another renaissance man… (yawn)

Jane Turner : Choreographer on all our choreography type thingies.

Nick Franglen : Multi-instrumentalist, conceptual artist, music producer and long time collaborator, composer of some of our finest soundtracks, like this, this and this and 50% of Lemon Jelly, too.

Flong : Golan Levin develops artifacts and events which explore supple new modes of reactive expression (it says here). Brilliant stuff, anyway.

Sundae Club : Technostalgia a go-go! Magicians of mellifluous Mellotronic melodies.

Henrik Takkenberg : Discovered, previously unpublished tracks by the late Henrik Takkenberg, composer of Libre and Shaken.

Cassiel : sound, media, systems, performance, installation… by Nick Rothwell, sound designer of the Bullring ’05 spots.

Oscar Grillo : Daily drawings blog, one of several, fuelled by the outrageously prolific illustrator, animator, director, friend, former sparring partner and jazz nut. While you’re at it, check out Grillomation, Boludalia, Oscartoons or any of the other myriad links on his pages.

Savage Pencil : a.k.a SavX Personal site of comix artist, writer and friend Edwin Pouncey.

Colony Media : Last but not least, check out the link on the right.

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